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Guide – R’hllor’s Trial 2

Guide – R’hllor’s Trial 2

R’hllor’s Trial 2

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Go through the stages and get rewards!

Lords can receive a certain number of Covenant Star Emblems and Covenant Moon Emblems after successfully completing a stage. 

Covenant Moon Emblems can be used to exchange for items in TrialShop.

Some items will be available for exchange only after certain requirements are met.

The number of items to exchange is limited.

General rules

When the stage is completed, for every 1 Covenant Star Emblem, the lords additionally receive 10 Covenant Moon Emblems.

At the end of the event, unused Covenant Moon Emblems will be removed and converted to Gold in a ratio of 1: 1000.

The stages must be passed sequentially. In addition to the first stage, all the others require a certain number of Covenant Star Emblems to unlock.

Lords can repeatedly pass the same stage.

The more Covenant Star Emblems a lord receives, the higher his place in the ranking will be (determined at the end of the event). If the lords receive the same number of Covenant Star Emblems, the one who previously scored this number will be higher in the ranking.

Before challenging at a certain stage of the trial, the lords can choose a covenant.

Different covenants have different amounts of Covenant Star Emblems as a reward.

The number of Covenant Star Emblems that can be obtained for completing each stage is limited.

Quick Call

By clicking the Quick Challenge button, you select the current stage with the least difficulty and incomplete stars.

Transfer rules

The transfer rules apply only to those lords who, starting from stage 1, have completed stages with full stars in a row for at least 10 stages in the last season.

The highest level of the stage that can be transferred is (starting from the first), level 10 of the last stage, at which the lord successively passed all the stars.

The Lords will have all the stages (which can be rescheduled automatically) in full size at the beginning of the new season and they will receive all the appropriate rewards.

Attention: Rewards and products may vary from event to event.

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed upon receipt of additional information.

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