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Guide – King of Eternal Winter

Guide – King of Eternal Winter


Available by the icon

King of Eternal Winter

Get a pack with medals of the new commander –
Night King!

The composition includes 6 Night King Metal and 4 more items that you can choose for yourself:

  • Diamonds 1 000 – 30
  • Friendship Chest – 10
  • Refined rough – 200
  • Wash stone – 30
  • Mark of the True Dragon – 150
  • SS Universal Troop Medal – 3
  • S Universal Troop Medal – 15
  • A Universal Troop Medal – 30
  • Random Book of Wisdom – 100
  • [legendary] EXP Scroll – 5

When the items are selected, click the Confirm button.

After that, you can change the awards by clicking on any selected award again and clicking a special icon.

Now you can buy a pack. The cost is 1,000 Black Diamonds.

There are 60 purchases available in the season.

Challenge Quests

Complete tasks to get even more Night King Medals.


Recharge 50 Black Diamonds during the event:

  • Night King Medal – 2

Spend 10 000 Diamonds during the event:

  • Night King Medal – 2

Log in for 3 days:

  • Night King Medal – 1

The guide is for informational purposes only and can be changed if additional information is received.

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