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Update – New Mercenaries and Easter Event

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    Great warriors!

    1. New SR Mercenaries:

    • Mordred
    • Galahad
    • Aether
    • Bridget

    2. Added special effects to Titles

    Теперь титулы имеют сияние.

    3. Easter event

    Available by icon 

    Easter Carnival

    By participating in the event you will receive rewards for daily entry into the game, for the purchase and spending of game currency.

    Easter Lucky Slot

    Spin the Lucky Slot and win prizes, exchange points for valuable items, get into the rating and get the best rewards!

    Participating in the Easter, you can get:

    • Eidolon Wing
    • SR Mercenary – Galahad
    • Easter Frame
    • Title: Guardian of Easter
    • Improved Summoning Scroll
    • Sillven Shard
    • Promote Stone
    • Awakening Stone
    • and much more!

    Veteran Summon

    Во время события увеличен шанс получения mercenary:

    • Merlin
    • Frigga
    • Siegfield
    • и других

    Read more about the event in the guide.

    Have a nice game!

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