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Soul Stg stats maxed on heros?

Forums Dragon Lord Discussions Soul Stg stats maxed on heros?

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    I am lvl 59.
    For days now, most of my heros’ Soul Upgrade have been maxed with no additional stat increase, or stat boost. I thought maybe they needed to level or reach higher stages to allow Soul Stats to start again. Each has lvl at least 3 times, some Upgraded to stage 15, with evolve stage increasing several times..Still stuck with Soul Stage….

    So heros can grow and evolve up to a certain point and then you have to replace them? Makes sense, but why is a six star Demon Stalker maxed in the 60s level?

    I have:

    Demn Stklr Lvl 71, UpGrd Stg 15; Evl Stg 8; Soul Stg 7 won’t upgrd Soul “same stat x 0, stat boost 0”
    Howl Lvl 62, UpGrd Stg 8; Evl Stg 8; Soul Stg 7 says same as above
    Flora Qwn Lvl 63, UpGrd Stg 10; Evl Stg 8; Soul Stg 9 says same as above
    Void Eplr Lvl.63, UpGrd Stg 9; Evl Stg 8; Soul Stg 11 says “same stats x 3, stats bst x 10%”

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    Soul probably isn’t capped depending on the hero.

    The message saying ‘same stat’ is based on the stats that your soul spheres are currently enhancing, and these stats can be changed with soul refining stones.

    Other than that, your question doesn’t seem that clear, so I’m not sure. If using soul stones and soul evolve crystals isn’t working to increase soul level past a certain point, then that might be a bug, and you should send in a ticket to support.

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