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Soldier Daru upgrade cost

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    Does anyone else feel that the upgrade Daru cost for the soldier is way too high?

    To be honest I would love to get rid of my soldier completely and replace with a mercenary. A level 67 soldier has under 30k power and takes 98,000,000 Daru to upgrade. Why?
    I have a lvl 30 mercenary who has 37,000 power and costs 600 promo stones to upgrade. Think on that, a lvl 37 mercenary has more power than a lvl 67 soldier. And it takes almost 2 months to upgrade a soldier at that level but a lvl 30 merc would take days to upgrade.
    I think the cost to upgrade soldiers should be severely downgraded or the power severely upgraded.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go get 2 stars on my dungeon because my mercenaries will all be at 90% + health but my solider will be dead….

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    The only use for Daru is troops. The only use for Kyanite is the Academy. These are quirks in the game you just have to accept. In Exotic Lands I wish my soldier was stronger but he’s useless and dies early.

    Have you tried doing the dungeons and altering your formation to not include your soldier? You may be able to get 3 stars that way.

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    Good day.
    This is the idea of the developers. But we will pass on your wish to the developers.

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