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Skill Upgrades ?

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    I would like more information on this game as most things are limited for non-VIP players.

    i have unlocked Mystic and Cleric, but still do not know how to get to lvl 2 on the Duelist

    Skills, Help please ..

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    There is a lot of paywall or restricted content for those of us without ambers, yes. It makes much of the game frustrating or pointless. When you say Duelist level 2, do you mean in Mastery? That unlocks at level 40, along with Endless Trial. To upgrade it, you need scrolls that come from the chests you get in Endless Trial. If you have the scrolls necessary for upgrading a given skill, you go to the ‘Mastery’ tab in the Skill window:


    Once you have as many scrolls as are required for the level increase (it says ‘Need’ next to this), then you can click on the ‘Upgrade’ button and it will increase in level. You mostly get scrolls from Endless Trial chests, but you also get some for reaching level 40, and occasionally from other sources as well.

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