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    When upgrading your relic you use Relic Shards to upgrade the 4 areas. Once you have upgraded all 4 then you use Relic Promotion Stones to promote your relic.
    I can upgrade using the shards but it won’t let me use the stones.

    If you look at the attached screenshot it shows I am at 4/4 relic shard upgrade. It also says I need 180 stones to promote and I have 450 but you can see error message saying I don’t have enough items. If I wait 24 hours and get more relic promotion stones then it will allow me to upgrade. However, it does this for every mercenary I try to upgrade. It’s like I have 400+ useless relic promotion stones.


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    You don’t have enough relic shards to promote your item. See lower left of your screenshot. Promotion requires relic shards AND promotion stones.

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