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    Can you reforge an equipment piece to a higher one?

    i.e: reforge a purple to an epic piece?

    If you can, where do I find the ‘reforging’ stones?
    Can I sympathize them to the lvl that I need to reforge?

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    meant Synthesize them … auto correct 🙁 b’uh

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    Purple gear doesn’t change into epic gear, but epic gear can be turned into legendary gear by using crimson spinel. This is why people spend long amounts of time in the level 60 dungeon, to try and obtain all of the parts of level 60 epic equipment that they need. You typically get epic equipment directly from dungeons, not by changing anything else into it.

    You don’t really need legendary gear until you reach level 60. The level 60 legendary gear is what you need to obtain level 70 and ult. level gear, by upgrading it with crimson spinel.

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      Thank you Which, this is exactly what I needed! I’ve been looking for “70 gear” all over the game, being new to the game I’ve been trying to inspect other players but all gear is hidden so I had no idea what level they were wearing or how to get there. We have been holding on to our crimson spinels in case the game dropped 70 gear. Now we know we can use them. thanks for all you do!

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      No problem.

      You can view what gear others are wearing, by viewing their profile.


      You can then hover over the gear in order to view more details, such as level and stats:




      Not all of the details presented might be entirely accurate, such as the set bonus, but the basic information like level and extra stats should be roughly accurate. This should allow you to check on what level and kind of equipment people are wearing.

      If the gear isn’t displaying when you view their profile, then try doing it from another source. For example, you can view profile information by clicking on their name in the rankings, or in other places.

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      • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by  Which.
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    Good to know to not worry about some of the purple gear on my char. From lvl 60 and up, that’s what really counts. Ty for explaining that to me 🙂

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