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    where is the wilds pvp?

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    PVP in wild:
    Players in the wild can battle against other players. The player who win can obtain Gold and other items.
    Players who belong to the same Guild can’t attack each other.

    Wild BOSS:
    1. Added wild bosses to wild maps.
    2. The level and attributes of wild bosses are linked to the map level.
    3. Wild BOSS rewards are divided into kill rewards and participation rewards.

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    So PVP
    1) evidently battleground – twice a day – kill if you dare but watch the consequences as always
    2) wild bosses – you can attack other players in the vicinity I believe but servers are small
    3) mining – you can attack between certain hours and savage innocent miners – again I advise the servers are small and you will be nuked
    Ultimately this is not a massive pvp game so be smart – pick enemies only if they offend first – and well the rest I wish you well.

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