• 27903917 replied to the topic pvp in the forum Discussions 1 month ago

    So PVP
    1) evidently battleground – twice a day – kill if you dare but watch the consequences as always
    2) wild bosses – you can attack other players in the vicinity I believe but servers are small
    3) mining – you can attack between certain hours and savage innocent miners – again I advise the servers are small and you will be nuked
    Ultimately this…[Read more]

  • Problem: I want to do my force quests
    Primary-issue: The ferryman says it is unavailable (this is extremely dumb)
    Side-issue: You are now charging us 1mil gold just to be able to do a daily quest (this is beyond dumb).
    Suggestions: Remove costs now. It is insane! Add “?” advice on each screen so if there are some unknown rubbish rules you created…[Read more]

  • 27903917 replied to the topic Pets in the forum Discussions 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    So indeed the game is now up and pets are reappearing. I can add another 7 sequential fails to my already eyewatering total. In case you lost count that is 50 fails in a row. And to add insult to injury, no pet survival items – just pet energy which is pretty worthless when your pet is half dead already. Such fun eh.

  • 27903917 replied to the topic Pets in the forum Discussions 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Pets are either level 59 or 60. I randomly forget which. Unfortunately, the

      genius administrators

    were too busy counting their event cash when they did the last patch/update so pets have completely vanished from the game in the wild and cannot be captured. Hopefully – and don’t hold your breath – they may reappear. Even when they do however,…[Read more]

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