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    Hello ! I would like to know how can someone plunder you before 8am – at the mine. As I know, u should be safe between 10pm to 8am . Second , most of the time I will not get the rewards after the interserver boss. Can you please check ? Thank you.

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    Hello ! What’s going on with the shards shop ? Few days and still don’t work.

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    The shard store issue has been reported on most EN versions of Dragon Awaken. Since there has been a week-long holiday in China from 1-7 October, any fix will probably occur after that period. So there will hopefully be an attempt to fix the shard store over the next few days.

    The game is something of a shambles by now, so this kind of error isn’t that unexpected. I think that shard store has had similar issues in the recent past, though this time the problems lasted for longer.

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    Thank you,yes,it was solved,thank you very much… But now…I can’t log into the game , I get black screen however I did all I could do to try fixing the issue , including to clean the cookies . Nothing works. As well , I know many other players lost their accounts in the same way , they can’t log into the game by over 2 months. Kindly please check what is happening. Thank you

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