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love war going stupid.

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    me and my partner had won the battle to advance to ultimate match but 1 min before it started , it kicked us out, also which and wistful got kicked for no reason in first round, and i think coringa and his partner as well. so this is quite stupid , i miss out on top 3 rewards for no reason?!!! we were winning fair and square, demand compensation accordingly!

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    Some screenshots:


    The arrows indicating progression to the next round are missing, and we were removed from the room before the next round could begin, without any fight occurring.


    Onii being eliminated from the group finals meant that his group had no winner, so that the semi-finals had one person missing.


    Coringa’s team also seem to have experienced a similar error, not being able to go through to the next round.


    There was no group winner for this group, so no-one went through from it to the next round.

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    i mean if we won and advanced to ultimate match but it kicked us out, you could probably give us a rematch for ultimate match , since we shouldve been there, in which and coringa case IDK but i wouldnt mind a whole tournament rematch IMO or some KIND of COMPENSATION for this BULLSHIT.

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    Something less elaborate, like king’s crests and eternal stardust, might be more easily added than a ‘re-do’ of the tournament, since it could just be sent by mail. However, the event was something of a shambles, so compensation would be reasonable.

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    agree ^

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