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    Hey…there isn’t anything I can find that says WHEN the King of Beasts refreshes on Friday…it just says it happens on Friday…Can someone tell me the time?

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    It doesnt say anywhere, Ive looked. So guess we’ve all just got to wait and see

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    Well…that sucks…..

    Hey SnowFox!? Can you give us some help here!! Please??

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    Where do we get the capture items from? I haven’t seen them anywhere.

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    I don’t believe that they’re available yet, and many people from Dragon Awaken have said that there isn’t a way to get the capture items yet. The capture materials might be added in a maintenance at a later point, but we don’t yet know how people will be able to get them.

    I don’t know of anyone who’s seen the King of Beasts yet, although APOCALYPTICO speculated that it might have been captured. The later servers here also had no King of Beasts appear, and I haven’t heard of anyone seeing them. So it’s likely that they haven’t been implemented yet. While that’s misleading, it’s not necessarily that bad, since it’s apparently difficult to capture and we don’t yet have any way to obtain advanced capture materials etc.

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    Apparently the King of Beasts should be unlocked during this week’s maintenance. Not a guarantee, but that is the official plan. It will probably appear on Friday, etc., but we might find out more details later.

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    The king of the beasts was supposed to appear during maintenance. Please specify someone already met him?

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    Yes, it appeared on Friday.

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