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Is Martyr / never surrender a real title

Forums Dragon Lord Discussions Is Martyr / never surrender a real title

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    Ok sorry to bother but i was told in battlefield that if you lose 20 times in battle that you recieve one of the titles either never surrender or martyr. I havent tried it yet but wanted to know if this is real.

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    That is a goal, Never Surrender. The easiest way to get it might be to level up to 70/ult., and get into a BG with BLOODY. He’s so nice that he might fulfil this goal for you without asking, as if he were aware – through obscure powers of empathy – of your need for the goal. He has a reputation as a bully, a term that he has also occasionally embraced, but typically such accusations are merely malign and vicious slurs.

    I think Martyr is one of the goals that people aren’t sure how to get. It might be a similar thing, judging by the name, but we aren’t sure.

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    thanks which it was becoming a trend in conversation. =^.^=

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