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how do I permanently leave my Faction?

Forums Dragon Lord Guides how do I permanently leave my Faction?

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    The competition is too intense for me, two of the members (leader and our newest member which happens to be “in real life friend” to the leader) are complete jerks and harass anyone lower (in BR) than them. I want to leave my faction and start a new one. It will be called No cyberbullies or NocyberBee’s. Anyone who shows off money, bullies, makes fun of or harasses other team members would be kicked out. The leader promised we would all take turns being the top dog. well the jerk lied and i want out.

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    You can start a new Clan within a faction, but starting a new faction freely would make things like War, faction events, wild fights, etc., a bit confused. Plus a stance on ‘cyberbullying’ isn’t necessarily related to the faction story, and I’m not sure that kicking people out of factions is typically possible as a role for one member (although someone with higher BR joining would become leader anyway, regardless of their personal habits.)

    However, you can switch faction if you want, ie. between Supremacy and Amity. I haven’t done it, though, so you might want to ask someone else who has. I think that it usually requires around 1k ambers (I don’t use those, but I wouldn’t switch anyway), you go to the Faction window and then to the tab named after the faction you’re not in, then you click Join.

    Would also be useful to know your server or name, since otherwise people might not know what kind of things you’re talking about.

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