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Growth event trends getting stale

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    It seems like there is a growth event every week….and its for dragon evolve crystals (the yellow ones). Can we pretty please do spirit evolve crystals. I’ve been playing for a year now and haven’t seen that one come around… is it apart of the growth events? am I wasting my time again =)


    incase you were wondering here is picture of both above.

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    They used to do mount stones, hero stones, wing stones and even awaken stones before. I don’t know why they stopped using those. I can only guess.

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    Hero upgrade stones and wing stones are still used semi-regularly. It has been a while since awaken crystals were used, however.

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    Could it be…. dragon crystals again…

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    Yes again dragon crystals =( Getting bored of it now

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    Van Mora

    lol wish there would be mount stones.

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    and again…..

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    We need to put a LITTLE MORE variety into the growth contests….here’s a list I made! I’m missing some…but not the recent ones! You seriously need to GET OUT OF THE PATTERN! We did Spirit Evolve Crystal in the past…I know we did….and Awaken hasn’t been in forever.

    Soul Crystal 5/24
    Soul Stones
    Soul Crystals 6/11
    Hero Upgrade stones 6/29
    Soul Stone 7/8
    Soul Crystal 7/17
    Wing Upgrade stones 8/14
    Soul Crystals 8/19
    Wing Upgrade Stones 9/6
    Mount Upgrade Stones 9/09
    Dragon Evolve Crystals 9/15
    Soul Crystals 10/19
    Wing Upgrade Stones 10/24
    Hero Upgrade Stones 11/7
    Awaken Crystal 11/9
    Dragon Evolve Crystals 11/13
    Wing Upgrade Stones 11/21
    Dragon Evolve Stones 11/23
    Soul Crystal 11/30
    Dragon Evolve Stones 12/13
    Wing Upgrade Stones 12/17
    Soul Stones 12/25
    Dragon Evolve Stones 12/28
    Wing Upgrade Stones 1/1
    Hero Evolve Stones 1/6
    Mount Stones 1/10
    Dragon Evolve Stones 1/30
    Soul Crystals 2/8
    Hero Upgrade Stones 2/11
    Dragon Evolve Crystals 2/14
    Soul Crystal 2/18
    Soul Stones 2/22
    Dragon Evolve Stones 2/25
    Wing Upgrade Stones 2/29
    Soul Crystal 3/03
    Dragon Evolve Stones 3/08
    Wing Upgrade Stones 3/11
    Soul Crystals 3/14
    Mount Stones 3/19
    Dragon Evolve Crystal 3/21

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    You may add crest essence too Lillith

    I was told they don’t do Crest Essence. I asked everyone I could think of…especially Luna and Joe since they been playing longer.
    Although I admit, I also tend to save them.

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