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    OKay…why is it that you can’t collect from a Gold Goblin UNLESS you use Amber? That isn’t the case with Exp Faeries…and I would have THOUGHT the Gold Goblin was even MORE important for the free-players…or even those who don’t recharge very much.
    No, I am not talking about myself…I may not recharge much, but I know how to save and spend wisely…however, I DO have friends who play and who CANNOT use the Gold Goblin thanks to the Amber thing.
    So….HEY SNOWFOX! Any chance you can pass the word on and have someone change that? Finally GETTING some Goblins is nice…but everyone should be able to take advantage of them.

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    i agree with that statement considering how needed gold is. especially on a newly merged server were everyone is plunder crazy. please set it up like the fairy is. gold is so scares considering the ult levels and how much is needed. either that or put in a gold dungeon to help out.

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    let me add also that you can NOT sell them or get rid of them unless you use them so you are forcing one to play the way you want or rather put money in your pocket I am still getting rid of fairys to make room in my bag make them so you can throw them away at the least. This is not my first rodeo I know you care nothing for the old players, its all bout getting newbs to drop the dollars. I have also seen a grand social media blitz by angry players cause a game closure. and a game so dedicated to it player that if you supplied the information they transferd your whole account to a new platform to continue playing when they moved the game

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    I don’t like i can’t sell or discard it. it is bad enough i’m very low on bag space and now Gold goblins are spend money or it takes up space? Come on.

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    Leon Gross

    This is just dumb, and I agree with everyone else here, it needs to be changed. I have had a gold Goblin full for over a month and i can not get rid of it because i have no ambers. It is in a place that anytime i am running all over the map (ex. Falling Chests, monster killing) i accidentally click on it, this is so irritating!

    Please make this change, where we can get rid of them, sell them or use them for a mount of diamonds or something.

    Thank you.

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