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    The Gacha Hero event has come and gone more than once since I started playing. The fact that you have to recharge 5000 Ambers everday for 3 days is insane. To get 5000 you need to recharge $39.99 usd. Add to that the “Daily Recharge” rewards. Recharge 50,000 ambers in total for one gacha coin. I don’t know about most people but $40 everyday is a little unfair for those who might have limited income for various reasons. All that money to get one coin. I know espritgames loves their money, but at least make the events fair. Only the people with ridiculous incomes can do these events. Add $40 for Gacha plus however much for the other events just to get good items.
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    While that event is frowned upon by many, in general the game does provide several in-game benefits to spenders – even if it must sacrifice the challenges and facets that make up the game’s progression. This is already a question of some players spending more than others, and compared to some of the top spenders everyone is seemingly just a player without ambers. As such, this kind of thing needn’t seem any more ‘unfair’ than anything else involving the amber system, ie. some people get some ambers, and then get benefits from this. Plus there are probably more efficient ways for people to get 5 or 6 star heroes than the hero gacha, that is often seen as not necessarily worthwhile. Some people even get heroes from one consumption ranking event, but for most that isn’t an option.

    While the cost of hero gacha might seem a bit much given the chance of an unwanted result, presumably it has to take into account the maximum reward possible and what stage of the game it could occur in. Perhaps if there were a version where the potential rewards were more limited, then it would be more consistent to open it up to wider participation. That might avoid a situation where there are events that have no relevance to most players. As it is, it might be exorbitant but it isn’t necessarily contributing that much ‘unfairness’ to a situation where the deck is already stacked.

    Plus, this decision isn’t necessarily only up to Esprit. The event exists in such a form, they just forward it.

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    Good afternoon. thank you for your suggestion. We will give your suggestion to the dev’s

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    Hello and good afternoon. We appreciate your input regarding free games. Your suggestion will be forwarded to the development team.

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