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Events from September 16 – «Attack a Rebel Group», «Night king invasion», «Return to Westeros», «Siege of Winterfell» and «Limited Sales»

Forums Game of Thrones News Events from September 16 – «Attack a Rebel Group», «Night king invasion», «Return to Westeros», «Siege of Winterfell» and «Limited Sales»

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    White Dragon

    Ladies and lords!

    From September 16 to 17, the «Attack a Rebel Group» event will be available for you.

    Attack Rebel Groups, claim Mysterious chest and get nice rewards.

    You can get:

    • Resources
    • Various Speed Up
    • Normal Skill Raffle Token
    • Advanced Skill Raffle Token
    • and other things

    Read more about the event and awards in the guide.

    September 16 to 26, fight with White Walkers in the «Night king invasion» event.

    The wall has fallen, the dead have broken through to the south, Westeros is in danger!
    The dead take over the areas and turn them into dead lands.

    Stop the invasion of Others, destroy the White Walkers, earn points and get rewards for it.

    Team up with other players, build a joint defense line to stop the advance of the army of the King of the Night.

    Destroy the White Walkers to get:

    • Unique looks of the castle and troops
    • Diamonds
    • Resources
    • Healing Cost 10%
    • Technology Scroll
    • Reset Talent
    • and much more

    More information about the event and awards can be found in the guide.

    From September 16 to October 15, the «Return to Westeros» event is available for you!

    Invite your friends back to the game to join you in your glorious conquests!

    For each returned friend, you will receive Companion points, which can be exchanged for useful and rare items in the event Store:

    • Appearance of castles
    • Medals of troops and commanders
    • Accelerators
    • Honor banner
    • Resources
    • and more

    And every Lord who returns to the game is waiting for special events with a huge number of rewards:

    • Admission gifts for those who return within 7 days
    • Special 7-day tasks for which you can get a reward
    • Special Store-an exclusive store for returning players

    Read more about the event in the guide.

    From September 17 to 18
    , take part in the grand event «Siege of Winterfell».

    Robb Stark marched south with his army, leaving Winterfell unprotected. House Greyjoy decided to seize the moment and seize it.

    Your alliance will have to fight for one of the parties. The choice of the party is determined randomly.

    Apply for participation, fight in one of the leagues, earn the most points and get the best ranking rewards!

    You can win:

    • Speed Up
    • Images of castles
    • Crest of Vigor Badge
    • Commanding Officers ‘ Medals
    • Diamonds
    • Advanced Skill Raffle Token
    • and much more.

    You can read the event rules in the guide.

    From September 17 to 19, a special event «Limited Sales» is available for you.

    Buy unique and valuable products with huge discounts!

    Only two days are available for you:

    • Images of troops and castles
    • Commanding Officers ‘ Medals
    • Resources
    • Speed Up
    • Various chests
    • and much more

    Detailed information about the event can be found in the guide.

    Attention! Some events can start in different kingdoms on different days.

    Good luck in the game!

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