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Events from January 28 – «Angel 777», «Lucky Tree» and «Temple Treasure»

Forums League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury News Events from January 28 – «Angel 777», «Lucky Tree» and «Temple Treasure»

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    From January 28 to 31, the event «Angel 777» is available for you.

    Flip the cards, search for 7 and get rewards for each card you open.

    To open one card, you need 777 Angel Points, which you can get for spending gold. The more rounds you complete, the more points will be required.

    After each completed round, new rewards will be available for you to choose from. The higher the round, the steeper the rewards will be!

    You can win:

    • Titles
    • Appearances
    • Regular and pink diamonds
    • Various resources
    • and much more

    You can read more about the event in the guide.

    From January 29 to 31, offer your blessings to the «Lucky Tree».

    Bless your tree, increase its level and the level of the World Tree, get rewards for the number of blessings and exchange Lucky coins for rare items in the Lucky Store.

    Nectar or gold is used for the blessing.

    1 free attempt is given daily.

    You can get:

    • Condor Flame
    • Tethered gold
    • Fragments of wings
    • Wings of Venus
    • Pen of Time
    • Regular and pink diamonds
    • Essences of the Codex
    • Relics of the Awakening
    • and more

    You can read more about the event in the guide.

    From January 29 to 31, go in search of «Temple Treasure». 

    Search for treasures with Treasure Hunt Voucher and win guaranteed rewards!

    For each participation, you will receive event points, which can be exchanged for valuable items in a special Store.

    Also, the scale of holiness will be filled in during the search. When it reaches its maximum, you will receive a unique reward.

    Go on a quest to get:

    • Legendary Divine Stone
    • Exquisite Gold Selectable Pack
    • Paralysis Ring
    • Healing Ring Essence
    • and much more

    Read more about the event in the guide.

    Have a nice game!

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