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Error 9667

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    Ticket #46329

    I have stop use the browser game and download your game launcher that was posted a link in forum –

    Flash Player EOL

    It has work fine so far, game is a little bit more gritty, not as sharp as it was with Adobe, anyhow it works fine.

    But I been doing the event Apex Clash League and hit 14.072 and not able to claim the last reward on the list, just getting Error 9667.
    I have close down the game and tried again and again, same error 9667, I would really like to get this rewards, please

    Kind regards

    Didra a.k.a Galaxina

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    Yesterday I did the Apex with two other on my character, was fine to claim reward.

    I also notice it happen as well on S40- Morphal
    character there doesn’t get reward

    Updated the ticket about it

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    Thanks for the information. I will send it to technical support.

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