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    Kinda makes me wonder where our discussions go.. I atarted one this am regarding maintainence.. it was commented on by another player,, then I was plainly told by Mauve that there was no maintainence and I must have bad connection .. then lo and behold we get compensation for emergency maintainence… I came back to see if maybe tMauve had corrected herself or just maybe said she made a mistake to find … that discussion is nowhere to be found! interesting.. wonder how long this one will last before it gets deleted

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    Van Mora

    ummm i know for technical issues they transfered many of the topics over to the top 5, assuming the same for discussions under suggestions. Or, they delete the discussions they don’t think are relevant anymore which is bit foolish in my opinion

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    Topics about the technical issues were moved to https://espritgames.com/forum/topic/if-the-game-does-not-load-it-freezes-the-download-stops/
    And here you can find the suggestions section https://espritgames.com/forum/topic/suggestions/

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