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    can anyone help how do you do the deity dungeon i have tryed removeing all support troops . changed one at a time but the illusion stats still stay at 160% can beet them any and all help welcome and thank yous in advance

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    Use relics that inflict things like Charm, Stone Curse, and Silence, on your team’s area-of-effect attackers. For instance, you can place them on Void Sorceress, Grand Swordsman, or Lava Fiend. When I say ‘area-of-effect,’ I mean that the heroes attack multiple enemies.

    Have powerful heroes that will attack all opponents. For instance, Grand Swordsman or (if you’re a whale) Pandora. Get their stats up, and try to increase their damage.

    It might be worth using Hell Keeper, since they can take hold of an opponent and prevent them from moving, and they can also increase the damage dealt by your attacks against the enemy team.

    The main advantage you have in Deity Dungeon, IIRC, is that your team all attacks before the opponent, unless they have changed that recently. This means that you should aim to make your first turn as effective as possible, because the opponent may be strong after that.

    The other advantage you had is that, if you use the Cleric skillset, then you have the option of using the area-of-effect attack (skill 3), while the AI did not tend to use that attack. This means that, if you have around 50 Rage when you enter the fight, then you can use that attack and the opponent will probably not attack your whole team. This can compound the damage from your heroes.

    Through this sort of approach, I was able to finish the dungeon quickly on all stages with an alt, without stripping any heroes out of the team or changing my team that much. However it might depend on how you have set up your team.

    In general, you should be able to do a decent amount of damage to the opposing team, if your heroes are built offensively, and keep the surviving members of the opposing team Charmed, etc., and hence unable to attack you. If your team accomplishes this on the first turn, then that would make things easier.

    If that is a problem, for instance because your heroes aren’t built offensively enough, then it would still be possible to try a few different approaches. For instance, if you remove everyone from your team other than Hell Keeper and one other hero (eg. Void Sorceress, or Pandora) with area-of-effect attacks and Charm/Stone/Silence/etc. relics and abilities, then your Hell Keeper might prevent the opponent’s character from moving, and you can just try your luck until your opponent is unable to move.

    This reply is probably a bit late, but I noticed that there weren’t any other responses yet, and this might be useful to others for reference.

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