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    Dear players, please note that the correct amount in this event is indicated after confirmation. We will correct this amount display in the near future. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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    nameless DM S3

    imo…thats a robbing xD 10 drills, 200 spinnels, 20 S cards and elite rune bag for 10k amber + 1% chance to get poseidon…make it at least 25 relic drills, 10 mount card shards,and something else like spirit chests,crest chests or lets say advanced charm sack for pets, will be more useful to buy this lottery

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    The Poseidon chance might have inflated the price, 1000 would be quite cheap for that given the usual requirements. It could come off as fairly cheap if you got the reward, but otherwise it’s perhaps not intended to be.

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    I sent you a ticket @Snowfox regarding the incident.
    Can I get a response back please.

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