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Building a new Guild – Questions need answered

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    Me and a few other players are looking to build our own Guild.

    Questions are …
    If we leave the current one and build a new one…

    1) Do we lose our Academy bonuses.
    2) Do we lose our Faction Flag bonuses.
    3) Is there a waiting period before can build the new Guild and or join the new Guild.

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    Do you mean Clan? You can’t form a new faction, so far as I’m aware.

    If you change Clans or form a new one, then it won’t affect the academy or faction flag bonuses. You get those just for being in the faction. Clans are just a sub-set of the faction, so you can change Clans without changing faction.

    There isn’t a waiting period between leaving a Clan and joining a new one, although you have to be accepted to the new one.

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    Yes that is what I meant Clan – create a new one 🙂

    Thank you Which for your swift response <3

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