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    I don’t understand how have an ancien weapon.
    In the event is a purple ancien crystal to exchange with blue flower “to draw ancien weapon”/
    We need this one only to get one ?
    Or the ancien Heart, red crystal too?

    Thanks for helping me and happy valentine.

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    You need an ancient heart to get an ancient weapon. However, if you use 10 ancient crystals to draw, then you will get an ancient heart.

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    THANK YOU WHICH BUT WHEN I GET an ancien heart i just have to actic it or is it quest to do and how decide witch we get ?
    Thank you for your answer.

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    If you get an Ancient Heart, it means that you can draw an Ancient Weapon in the Ancient Treasure page. This can be accessed from the Ancient Weapon interface:


    If you have an Ancient Heart, the ‘Summon’ button will become available, and clicking it will give you a random Ancient Weapon.

    If you have an Ancient Heart, then you don’t need to go on a quest to get Ancient Weapon. You just have to click to draw the Ancient Weapon. It gives you a random Ancient Weapon, so you don’t choose what weapon you get.


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