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Airship unavailable (AGAIN)

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    Problem: I want to do my force quests
    Primary-issue: The ferryman says it is unavailable (this is extremely dumb)
    Side-issue: You are now charging us 1mil gold just to be able to do a daily quest (this is beyond dumb).
    Suggestions: Remove costs now. It is insane! Add “?” advice on each screen so if there are some unknown rubbish rules you created then let us know. Fix the delay in random events for force quests (was always insane and now even worse if we have to wait or pay to return)
    Timeframe: ASAP – you did these updates without asking us so take action quickly.
    Impact: You are losing players goodwill through similar actions.
    I hope this is adequate for you to actually do something.

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    I totally agree with. And on top being apex level getting exp for reward is also dumb

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    Are you trying to cross at the right time? The ferryman does not always transfer to another continent. Only at the specified time.

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