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Gifting the EXP fairies might be unbalanced, especially on newer servers where they can still give a substantial boost to levelling. They did add the synthesise option, allowing you to reduce the number of EXP fairies you keep. There have been a few suggestions about this kind of problem on Dragon Awaken, and they seem to have followed one of them by including gold-based fairies as well. I’m not sure if there will be an option to recycle them from one form of fairy to the other. However, they do seem to be attempting to deal with this problem, so there might be some easier way to dispose of them or use them introduced later.

Re: dragons and free players. As far as dragons go, there is one dragon reserved for free players only. It is called ‘Garona,’ and it looks like this:


IMO this improves the game’s balance immeasurably, since it gives free players a chance to keep up with others who have strong dragons.

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