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There is a Clan feature which is apparently not yet implemented, called ‘Rivalry.’ It might be something close to what you want.

If it’s an elaborate or serious event, then it would be best to be cautious about adding in stuff from ‘War’ like the goddess. It would probably reduce to one side having someone who can quickly take out goddess, so does. That doesn’t necessarily relate to the Clan as a whole, nor is it a trait of most Clans. Also, I’m not sure if Clans have their own deities yet. As for members, Clans usually prefer fairly active members for contributions and other things (hence why the relatively active S3 provides our top two Clans in the early phase of the merged server), which is useful in general – it encourages active engagement with the game, and hence a more active community around it. Many other things can distract from that, so it’s useful to have a community like the Clan where members of different types can all contribute in a similar fashion.

This event would lead to a few possible problems. One is the centralisation of Clans. If stronger players gather in one Clan, then they essentially get automatic wins. Say that IMHOTEP and Nyssa were in the same Clan and came online for this, for instance. That’s already a lot of quick wins against most normal Clans. Further, players can usually easily leave their current Clans if they want, for the event, then decide again. An event like this would require some more barriers to players transferring Clans, and I’m not sure if that’s desired.

Here at DL, even our Clan gets only a couple of people online for Clan Boss. So a Clan War might not be that relevant, it would involve only a small amount of members. You mention both War of Gods and faction War in your comment, but one is team-vs-team (albeit with certain tournament-specific buffs, just as the other main PvP area – BG – allows for things like hope) and the other is character-vs-character. Everlasting Battle is a sort of fusion, like Love Arena but with more players. Which one would you propose for the Clan war? Further, Clans aren’t factions, so having a repeat of the same war style would be misleading. Clans of the same faction are still not at war in the same way.

We already have a faction shop, so I’m not sure if we need a separate shop for each subdivision of the faction. Besides, more ways to get king crests or even faction badge could be useful, so you could just use that. Especially over here, since many event finals never occur. If you had a Clan currency, then the game would have to encourage you more to join a Clan – at present, they are player-organised groups which people can opt to join or not to join. However, as said, a Clan is a part of the faction. The faction already has a currency, so adding further currencies for aspects of it seems to unnecessarily multiply these things. Adding different currencies for everything possible might also imply further sub-divisions in the other currencies such as honour, champion, bravery, etc. If discretion is the better part of valour, perhaps we should have a black market as well.

If such an event happened here on DL, it would likely be broken and to lead to players complaining about it. So it might still have a limited relevance to us. It would also be potentially unbalanced, but that’s not new to this game’s events.

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