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My gamename is: Wesley Nixon
My Server is: S26 Vampire Mask

I’ve found a bug on all maps of this server:
(I don’t know if there is the same issue on other servers)

There are a lot of players colored like the monsters on the maps.

Usually they’re just moving around, but if I move my mouse over them a sword appears.
I was really curious and clicked on that sword an suddenly I was in fight with them.

This happend with every red player i met.
Thoose issues are also around the mines. There are also loads of red-colored players, same happening when I click on them.

Can you report this to the developers please, cause I’m really afraid of using this bug by mistake.

I hope they can fix this problem, as fast as possible and make thoose players immune to attacks.

Color of the monsters

Player with right color

Player with wrong color

Player right & wrong colored at mines:

Last edited: 15.07.2020 08:44
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