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Of course, the mount that was trained 7 times gives your team a higher stat gain. However, the stat increases will stay the same regardless of what mount you ride. You might have noticed that gaining a new mount still gives a boost to stats/BR (BR for mounts is typically based on base stats), even if you’re not riding it. This is because the mount stats are all combined, and the choice of what mount to ride doesn’t affect your stats. So there is a difference between the benefits you are receiving from each mount, but it doesn’t make a difference if you ride one mount or the other: you will still get the full BR or stat gains from both.

APOCALYPTICO, a wise gentleman, also has this to say:

he thought riding the mount will change his BR in the amount of the bonus he gets from upgrading, he doesn’t know that the upgrading already gives thoose bonus to him and it doesn’t matter which one he rides

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