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[About Battle]

The game has a real-time battle mode using a side-scrolling battlefield. In one battle, the player can deploy at most 5 heroes, each of them has their own battle skills. Every hero leads a troop of one unit type. Different unit types are restrictive with each other. A hero is usually good at commanding on certain terrains. Be sure to watch the situation and pick the right hero. In some battles, you can deploy your formation before the battle starts. Select the best formation in order to gain most benefits in battle.

[The Progress]
In some battles, e.g. War Game, you can deploy your formation before the battle starts.

1. In a battle you can control at most 5 heroes.
2. Rage is a key factor which provides the chances for heroes to cast their battle skills. You need to gain Rage as many as possible.
3. The skills both sides use, the using time and their sequence directly drive the way how a battle goes and ends.
4. If you don’t want to manually control your army, you can switch it to Auto-fighting.

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