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I agree that it’s confusing, and the game doesn’t do a lot to explain it. Even if you check the description through the question mark in the corner, it can be confusing.

However, it seems to work something like this:
1. Engulf equipment until the engulf progress bar is full. To do this, you select one piece of equipment to engulf the others, and then you add a few pieces of equipment that will be consumed and disappear after the engulfing. Typically, you would want to add the exact quantity required to fill the bar.
The sword above will hence absorb the pieces of equipment below it, and the ones below it will disappear. Make sure that you have already equipped class equipment of that type, before you use it in engulf.

2. You should now have a piece of equipment with a full engulf progress bar.

3. Continue doing the above procedure until you have a few pieces of equipment with full engulf progress. Then go to the ‘synthesize’ tab. You can there add pieces of equipment that have a full engulf progress bar, and are of the same level.
All of the equipment in the above image has a full engulf progress bar. Hence, it can be used in ‘synthesize.’ You need a certain amount of equipment to synthesise, as well. That seems to depend on the level of the equipment. For blue equipment, you require 4 pieces of equipment (all of it needs to be blue equipment, all of it also needs to have a full engulf progress bar.) For lower levels of equipment, however, you might only need one or two in order to synthesise. Generally, the number of slots required will open once you add equipment of a given type (eg. blue or green), to indicate how many pieces of equipment are necessary for synthesising that type of equipment. Plus, you can’t add more. After you’ve added the equipment, you just have to click ‘Synthesize’ below, and you will receive a new piece of equipment that is of a higher level:
The equipment initially added to synthesize will be consumed in order to create the higher-level equipment, so you probably want to use spare equipment and not something that you’d need to fill your class equipment slots. Because the later class levels take a long time to level up (the EXP gathers slowly), you will probably end up with plenty of spare equipment – my mail is often spammed with equipment from Pandemonium, because engulfing + synthesising equipment can be a slog, so there’s no space left for it. Once you’ve synthesised the equipment, you can then use it when you reach an appropriate class level, or synthesise it again if it’s something that you already have (after going through engulf first, etc.)

The game does mostly add this without explanation, so it took a bit of experimentation to figure it out (and after a few ult. levels, plenty of things don’t even work without ambers, so one barely knows what’s even usable in ordinary gameplay). Hopefully this helps, ask if any of that was unclear.

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