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What was good for new players?
Presumably your update benefits whales, and only they can access the new modes that “everyone” will enjoy. But for most it is a spend or die game.
And I say that as a spender, but no way am I going to spend more on this updated tripe.
What we have as it stands is a wait of potential years to get dragons to level up needing HUNDREDS of shards not just to star up but also rank level to activate new skills.
Take Jabber the first likeliest to be won at genesis level, 237 or thereabouts to make lvl 20 skill, heaven knows whether 300 or 500 for level 30 but also we need a couple hundred for level 100 upgrade, and as for the food, well that has vanished from the now terrible shop.
So pay 2500 a time in summoning or place in the ladder etc, where you cant absent a good team and dragon. So scratch dragon growth for most.
Heores, well typically await years for a good hero and then use the upgrade stones you wiped out the shop too and made harder to get.
With elemental and epic points gone, the chance people who saved tickets could get any good hero, wiped out, so wait for luck the 0.001% chance luck?
If this is the closing a shit game plan whilst exploiting mega payers well done, you win, but for long term players even light spenders or mid levels like me, this is a new version that’s barely a game, so i am hanging for a week or two, but if i see no hint of these alleged changes …eg where’s new ruins dungeons that’s been coming for months now?
If not something worthwhile, the games done for me.

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