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Fishes group together in schools, but astrals don’t.

More seriously, it depends on what you mean by ‘grades’ of astrals. There are different types of astrals, and some are counted as higher than others. The rough order, from lowest to highest, goes like this:

1. Green Astral – Most basic astral. +50 of a stat, at base level. (HP is an exception,t hey give +300 HP. The same 6:1 ratio IIRC is observed by the academy, that gives +50 to all for an upgrade, or +300 HP.)

2. Blue astral – Slightly higher star increase, but still low. +100 of a stat, at base level.

3. Purple astral – Not sure what the formal name is for these, but they look purple. +250 of a stat, at base level. (+1500 HP.) Can be exchanged for 2000 points. However, they are quite common compared to the higher astrals, so that is avoidable.

4. Orange astral – These are yellow, actually. They’re quite rare, and are only less powerful than divine astrals. A useful acquisition in the early game. +350 of a stat, at base level. (+2100 HP.)
Image is somewhere bleeding in the night. (If Dio writes this kind of double entendre, then what’s he really up to with the m/ thing?)

5. Divine astral – The ‘Divine’ astral, these astrals have ‘Divine’ in their name. The highest conventional type of astral, unless there are some others that people might have found. Some of these can also boost multiple stats at once, but these are typically only useable in ult. level and with heroes of high level. You might want to get the single-stat ones first, as they are always useable. One of these might come from a ‘red astral chest,’ but you will get one from a ‘Super astral chest.’ If one of these chests is available for diamonds in the first week of the game (during carnival), then it’s a decent purchase since you can use it throughout the game. +500 of a stat, at base level. (+3000 HP.)
^ ‘Seems to save myself, my friend, so where should I begin?

Note that the stat increases mentioned do not apply to the percentage-based stats, nor to HP. HP increases according to the usual HP – conventional stat ratio. The percentage-based ones are typically at around 1% per level of astral.

Of course, levelling up each level of astral for ATK, DEF, or other conventional stats, will lead to a much higher stat boost from the astral.

The prices of the astrals (in point exchange) reach 50,000 points for dual-stat astrals, 20,000 for a divine astral (30,000 for the percentage-based DMG rate ones), 8,000 for a yellow/orange one, and 2,000 for a purple one. Some astrals do not appear there, and must probably appear in pray or by luck. They typically take the form of divine astrals, so still a ‘normal’ astral type. The rare ones increase things like block rate, etc., I think, but the usual stats (ATK, DEF, HP, Crit, Resilience, Pierce, Block) are available in the points exchange as well as from luck, prayer, etc.

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