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We announced the information that the developers gave us. But later there were some changes in the merge of servers

I think this was the first indirect quote you have had stating what many do not know. You are not part of the development team. You are just some voice designed to keep us here and make us THINK you and/or the developers care. You have ZERO clue what is going on in this game. Neither you NOR the developers give a rats ass about anyone in this game. To be factual, the designed path that you seem headed down is there to MAKE us get tired of it all and leave!!

Guess it is easier and more profitable to grab their wallets for 2-3 months then get them to leave and make new servers to do it to more unsuspecting people than to actually make a quality product.

If you think this fiasco will not follow you into the game world, you are sorely mistaken.

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