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Good day.
Our players received emails with compensation.

Dear Lords and Ladies,Recently we have noticed some of the Royal Lords and Ladies abuse the issue of unlimited purchase of motivation items, and obtained big amount of items and resources. The feature has now been fixed and restricted, and corresponding amount of item and resources has been removed from the accounts with abnormal item records.Due to this has severely impacted the fairness of gameplay, we decided to send a special reward to the Royal Lords and Ladies as compensation for who have respected game rules and didn’t have such behavior. Detailed rules of the compensation will be listed below:1. From the beginning of the compensation duration, there will be a compensation sent to Royal Lords and Ladies at Castle Level 25. The compensation will be through in-game mail.2. The compensation will start from 2021.05.28 , and will persist for 4 week. The compensation mail will be sent out on every Friday.3. Royal Lords and Ladies with abnormal item obtain records will not receive the compensation.4. The content of the compensation could be different for every week. For the detailed content of this mail, please check the attachments.GoT Winter is Coming Team

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