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Found this announcement at DA:

New Update Introduction–Wings Soul System

The Wings Soul System includes the interfaces Trait and Wings Soul. In Trait, players can upgrade their power and choose between Justice or Chaos. Use Pure Origin to upgrade Justice and Filth Origin to upgrade Chaos. The corresponding skill will be activated when 7 Traits are the same type and reach the maximum level. Unlock the new skill to deal extra DMG to the Boss, which have the opposite Trait in Multi-Dungeon – Eternal Battlefield. As for Wings Soul, use Sacred Spirit to upgrade Wings Soul and greatly improve the Stats.


️New Updated Introduction–Eternal Battlefield
Players will be divided in two teams in this new dungeon. At the first stage of the dungeon, players will need to defeat their enemies and protect their base. In the second stage, it will be time to attack the enemy base. Win to receive Class EXP and Class Equipment.


There are other changes, but these are the new additions. They are for ult. 7, though, so most players here probably won’t encounter them for a short while. Well, unless they’re Dante.

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