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As tort0 said, typically it’s difficult to get enough shards or high-priced mounts without using ambers. And some people with ambers will end up getting most things on offer. However, some of the things which are offered will recur in other exchange events, and so will Light of Divinity (rarely, though.) If you save up enough diamonds, you can then get around 200 extra each day (up to 1000 over 5 days), but obviously that’s a large number of diamonds (and you might want to spend them elsewhere). For comparison, you get around 200 diamonds per day from daily (if you can get all chests), 100 from faction (along with slight bonus for role, or slight deduction if your contribution is under 1000), and approximately 3000 from check-in each month which we can approximate as 100 per day. So around 400 from those less luck-dependent sources. Plus a couple hundred more, if you’re lucky, from gift boxes, enchanted garden (around 60 per day at a very generous estimate), mining (very luck-based, I’ve gone for ages without getting them), and say 90-100 from farm if you use diamond seed. So perhaps if you spend only up to a hundred diamonds per day for a bit over a week, you might be able to reach a diamond total which could help you in such future events. Along with 30-40 of the light of divinity (or whatever) for events each day, which we can estimate at around 200-250, you could at least get an item which requires 50 per shard for 20 shards. Or just store up shards for future events – be warned, though, that sometimes things which recur a few times can then stop appearing for a few events, meaning that there’s still an element of luck to the shards. Plus, unless you have vault, they’ll take up a bit of bag space. So you probably don’t want to hang onto them for too long.

Of course, some people will just get all of these things anyway, and have tons more relics or mounts than you besides (unless you emulate them). So how much it concerns you is up to you. The early events, which you might mean when you mention ‘drop rate,’ don’t typically give very high amounts of the currency. They mostly just give people with enough ambers an early advantage, but their drops otherwise can be low. Especially since you probably don’t have that many stamina potions yet (and luck-based wild drops only give one drop anyway, this is little), and should probably save them for future events (or the Ancient Catacombs, but that might take a while.)

You can save the light of divinity for future events, but those can be rare. Further, what occurs the next time might not even be something that you really want. If you have diamonds and light of divinity saved for it, though, then it might well be useful. It’s up to you. You might see people who have most of the things in the event, but that’s typically down to ambers. So you shouldn’t feel rushed by it, if you don’t do that as much or at all.

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