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Hello Key Master , How Are You Today , Or Night , Anyway , Im Here To Inform You , The Image Of Tyrion Lannister Is Showing , And Not Permiting me In , There For ,IM Not Going To Try To Sceen Shot Again , Because I Think Is The Same Thing Or Worst . Im Going To See What’s The Heck Is Wrong By Looking At What The Scroolled List Say , To See If I Can Interprited Whats Are The Wrongs It May Be , By The Way What Have The Dev’s Find Out , Do They Tell You Whats Ocurring or Happening In The Game System , I Know That This Can Get You Alot Of Grief ,And Headake By Me Comeing To You For Help , But Support Is Not Doing What Is Suppoused Too Just Make’s You Do A So Called Ticket , And Nothing More ,To Tell You After , In Other Words I Have To Wait With My Thumps Up My Butt , To See Any Response , From Them , So I Come To You , Because Atleast You’re Are The One Moust Clouset’s To Ever To Help Me , And I Apreciated This Greatly , So Can I Ask You To Keep Me Inform Of What Ever They Believed At The Moment , To Fix This Problem , At This Moment My Allliance Is Preparing And Trainig Troops for More Events , And Like Allway’s Im Not There Wen This Occurs , Do You Think This is Acceptable For A member To Be Not Participating , I Think Not . So Please Help Me On This , And Another Thing , Do You Have The Chance Of Having An In Game User Character So That I Can Tell You On The Spot Directly , That Is If Im In Logged On , That Way I Can Send To You. Or That They Make Possible A Place In The Game ,So That Player’s Can Go , Like A Castle on were the dev’s Lords Congragate For To Help The Game’ers Lords And Ladies Of The World At Wen Ever Posible , We Need There Advice , That Would Be A Good Idea , Would’nt It , To Speak With The Game’s Players. So Hope Too Hear From You Soon .

Take Care

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