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Ok, I’ve Been The Whole Day Trying To Make It At Least Near 512kb, If I Have A Way Of Measureing It In Some Other Way Than Picking One Edge Of The Picture It Would Be Great, Im Sending Them, I Think You Can See Them, With A Magnifying Glass Not to much And You Can See It, I Hope.

Allso In The Upper Right Corner, I Have Notice Some Numbering, Starting From 2,3,4,5,6, and Deared To Go I’ven Higher And Id Did This Wen I Made a new account, Because This Is Not Working As It Should Correctly, And i Feel That You’re Are Makeing Me Do Alot Of Screen Captureing, Filling my Laptop Pc With Copies Of The Error’s You Have On You’re Site, Please Tell Me If What Im Sending, Is Of Any Help, If Not I Will Try Again Tomorrow Because Im I’ven Sacrificeing My Time Limit To Try To Get In The Game And To My Alliance, Wich I Can’t contact them In Anyway.So Plase Help Me Get Back To Them .

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