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Are You, Here Today Or Night, IM Implying that, Im In Need Of Tech Help And I Have To Wait Allmoust The Whole Day Or Night For You’re Systems To Go On Sync And working state, Im Getting To Late On, Wen My Alliance is Preparing For The Events Coming up, Please Im The Only One Not Atending To Them In The Game Im An Earl, A Mid Range Rank, Of One Step Near Another Higher One, And Continueing Working On The Castle And Trainig The Troops, Upgradeing The Buildings And Doing The Research Needed To Get Higher, So Im Doing things to get good BR Raitngs cause If I Log Off, I Can’t Get Back In Afterwards And Yes This Too Has Happend To Me Recently Yesterday and Then It Let Me In To Continue, but this is my dillema problem so as a member, im failling them, So Please Key Master ,Need You Aid Imemsly , otherwise wen i get back in i will discharge all the troops and leave the alliance because im not the kind of person to be a quiter , im a fighter and i work hard on the grounds to make it prosperus, again i wait for you’re help as allways,

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