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A few more bugs have also appeared, other than the one which tort0 mentioned. They’re probably not as significant, yet some of them are still worth noting.

A similar one appeared in Ancient Catacombs rankings, where the sidebar shows server ranking as ‘0’ even if the ranking window says otherwise (and you have enough points to have a ranking anyway.) Image:


Further, the daily quests for sphere dungeon and wing trial are acting finnicky, and not necessarily counting as completed even when the other materials dungeons are. Not sure if that’s only for this day, and the wing trial daily isn’t a problem for some accounts. When it is a problem, though, it might not be something which you can redo.

At least Ladder should still have some record of our ranking before the bug (or perhaps, more accurately, at the previous reset), and our remaining chances for the day, so there is some chance at compensation or re-ordering if this problem distorts the rankings etc.

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