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In the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the difference between Glock-18 & Tec-9 are two distinct pistols, each catering to different playstyles and scenarios. The Glock-18, the standard pistol for terrorists, is known for its fully automatic firing capability, making it effective in close-quarter engagements. However, its lower damage output and moderate accuracy can be challenging for players at longer ranges. On the other hand, the Tec-9, a popular choice for terrorists as well, offers a higher damage output and a larger magazine compared to the Glock-18. The Tec-9 is particularly favored for its versatility, allowing players to be more aggressive and take on opponents at various distances. While the Glock-18 leans towards controlled bursts and accuracy, the Tec-9 excels in providing a rapid-fire option with increased stopping power, offering players the flexibility to tailor their pistol choice to their preferred playstyle in CS:GO.

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