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    i wish the Dev would make the game go under maintenance to fix all the bugs that have been going on like genesis war is bugged cross server ladder ranking is bugged as well and so is Guild wars no one has received any rewards from any of these as well even though they have ended

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    Hello, thank you for reporting the bugs. Please, provide your character ID and server so that we can investigate it.

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    OkieDokie s22 There are several problems with our server. Many things are not working. Several bugs or glitches for multiple days.

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    I think that game is broken because most of the games are designed in a way that they can be played by people with less capabilities. Most of the games nowadays are made for people who are not from this world. I have hired https://ezwritinghelp.com/ to research and write in this regard. People from other countries, who do not know how to speak English and also do not know how to play games, also play these games. So, I think that game is broken because it is not for everyone.

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