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We need to put a LITTLE MORE variety into the growth contests….here’s a list I made! I’m missing some…but not the recent ones! You seriously need to GET OUT OF THE PATTERN! We did Spirit Evolve Crystal in the past…I know we did….and Awaken hasn’t been in forever.

Soul Crystal 5/24
Soul Stones
Soul Crystals 6/11
Hero Upgrade stones 6/29
Soul Stone 7/8
Soul Crystal 7/17
Wing Upgrade stones 8/14
Soul Crystals 8/19
Wing Upgrade Stones 9/6
Mount Upgrade Stones 9/09
Dragon Evolve Crystals 9/15
Soul Crystals 10/19
Wing Upgrade Stones 10/24
Hero Upgrade Stones 11/7
Awaken Crystal 11/9
Dragon Evolve Crystals 11/13
Wing Upgrade Stones 11/21
Dragon Evolve Stones 11/23
Soul Crystal 11/30
Dragon Evolve Stones 12/13
Wing Upgrade Stones 12/17
Soul Stones 12/25
Dragon Evolve Stones 12/28
Wing Upgrade Stones 1/1
Hero Evolve Stones 1/6
Mount Stones 1/10
Dragon Evolve Stones 1/30
Soul Crystals 2/8
Hero Upgrade Stones 2/11
Dragon Evolve Crystals 2/14
Soul Crystal 2/18
Soul Stones 2/22
Dragon Evolve Stones 2/25
Wing Upgrade Stones 2/29
Soul Crystal 3/03
Dragon Evolve Stones 3/08
Wing Upgrade Stones 3/11
Soul Crystals 3/14
Mount Stones 3/19
Dragon Evolve Crystal 3/21

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