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HK doesn’t get as much use among the highest BRs (who have a selection of 6-stars to choose from), but quite a few others use it. Its first strike is quite powerful, and its Starnet ability can make it effective as a tank of some sort. It can hence help reduce damage against your team considerably. Further, the imprisoned enemy receives more damage, so it can give your team a simple target and potentially make it easier to fight against a front-row tank or Spartan.

Yuki (HeresMyName) and WheresMyName both used a healer (Fairy Queen or Flora Queen) for a long time as their BR increased, and are both quite strong players. So it’s not necessarily unfeasible. Flora Queen’s crit and crit damage increase can be useful in a variety of contexts, and it would probably be more helpful to most players than Storm Spirit. There are exceptions, including certain bugs that Storm Spirit complements, etc. All the same, healers (other than Goddess of Wisdom) aren’t that popular at higher levels, so even if they are useable their lack of offensive contribution in a game with high damage means that without a stable tank (that might further stunt offence) they might not be as powerful in most teams. Certain damage-reducing bugs, etc., can mean that healers become feasible in a team, but those aren’t typically used by most players and can hamper a team’s offensive development when used.

Among top payers, typically Pandora, Goddess of Wisdom, and Zeus, are the conventional choices. This leaves one extra slot. There are several options for that, including Poseidon, Apollo, and Grand Swordsman. Poseidon offers freezing and a damage increase, GS can reach high damage with crit-boosting relics, and Apollo can serve as a useful tank and reflect damage (esp. against silenced enemies). AoE heroes are often preferred, because fights at that stage are often decided quickly and hence it’s typically important to attempt to attack the whole team in order to end the fight, as well as to use heroes to spread relic effects to the other team generally. Hell Keeper can hence appear slightly limited, taking up one of your four hero slots without having the same chance of ending the fight or taking advantage of developed and potentially powerful relics to affect the entire opposing team.

The Pandora-GoW-Zeus combination is mostly for people who spend a lot on 6-stars, however. For others, the most common tend to be Void Sorceress and Grand Swordsman. While Grand Swordsman is potentially optional, he is one of the few options for attacking the entire opposing team, so he’s often favoured. It mostly depends on your relics, stats, etc., bearing in mind that relics are often incredibly bugged, often either never working in certain combinations or just leading to strange bug effects that ignore stats and character set-up.

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