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Events from July 7 – «Bingo», «Time-Limited Summon+» and «Wishing Forest»

Events from July 7 – «Bingo», «Time-Limited Summon+» and «Wishing Forest»


From July 7 to 9, try your luck in the «Bingo» event.

Pull numbers, collect strings from them and get guaranteed rewards for it.

Go round by round, accumulate the number of rewards open on the field to open chests containing very valuable rewards.

You can win:

  • Improved Hero Pact
  • Mount Equipe Evolution Citrine
  • Sage’s Stone
  • Prayer Note
  • Promotion Sapphire
  • and much more

By participating in the event, you will have the opportunity to receive the main prize – Underworld Tiger!

You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

From July 7 to 9, summon heroes in the «Time-Limited Summon+» event.

Apollo has appeared at the gates of Valhalla, which can be summoned using the Improved Hero Pack.

A special feature of this call is additional rewards in the form of Apollo Shard, which can be obtained for a certain number of attempts.

And for 100 attempts, Apollo himself will come to you to become part of your squad!

From July 7 to 9, participate in the «Wishing Forest» event.

Make wishes, win awards and get the best rating rewards!

Help your friends, accumulate event points, get additional rewards for the number of wishes and get the main reward of the tree, which you choose yourself.

You can win:

  • Promotion Emerald
  • Goddess Training Material Selector
  • Goddess Awakening Material Chest – Random
  • Resource Chest
  • Gem Chest
  • and much more

You can read more about the event and awards in the guide.

Have a nice game!

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