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[Update] – Primeval Island and Pet Aptitude

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[Update] – Primeval Island and Pet Aptitude

1.New function unlocked
   Pet Aptitude
   Primeval Island
2.System Optimization
   Holy Blessing will be available at 9:00 now.
  Added event pictures.
  Added new resources: Bow Tie, Father’s Day Gift and Fatherly Love Title Card.
  Now you may get Bastet · Naivety Shards in Primeval Island.
5.Bug Fixes
   Fixed the bug that made Flag Fiend’s Ring Equipment in Dream Star, Treasure Chest and Lucky Tree have no random stats.
   Fixed the Points for some Mounts in Cube.
7.V2.3 Contents:
Added new features:
  Pet Aptitude
  Primeval Island
  Infinite War Improvements:
a) The camera no longer follows you in real time when you move in the Infinite War.
b) Improved mini map.
c) Improved chat button and display.
  Farm Improvement: Unlocked the last 3 Lots in the Farm.
  Added new goals.
a) Added more stages for goals.
b) More goals are added.
c) Maximized Goals Level to 30.
d) Added rewards for Goals reaching Lv. 26 to Lv. 30.
  Growth Contest Improvement: Purchases will receive Points in the Growth Contest.
  Skill Talent Improvement: Added extra Talent Pages.
  Battlefield Rewards Improvement: Event Rewards are based on Battlefield Level.
  Crystal Shop Improvement: Buying chances will be reset after the event.
8.Element Catacomb Improvement: Extra rewards are based on the clearance time.

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