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Stay home and participate!

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Stay home and participate!

Hello everyone,

Don’t forget to stay at home and participate in our events!

  Lucky tree

Until April 5 you can win:
“Olderic Shards”
“Dragon Boat Shards”
“Slayer Tokens”
“Advanced EXP Fairy”


Until April 5, the more diamonds you spend, the greater the discount you get.

 Relic Gacha

Until April 6 spend Relic coins to get 1 of 7 rewards! Or perhaps, all of them.

You can win:
“Hell’s Gate”
“Demonic Flag”
“Friend’s Eye”
“Skeleton Book”
“Titan Spark”
“Venus Harp”

 Wheel of Fortune

Until April 4, buy Fortune Vouchers at “Discount Packs” or get them at other events. Spin the roulette wheel and get points that can be exchanged for rewards.

You can win:

“Devil Wings Shard”
“Inferno Dragonbone Shard”
“Devil Hydra Shard”
“Grail Shard”
“Magic Camel Shard”

“Reindeer Wand”
“Reindeer Ourfit”
“Reindeer Badge”
“Artio Christmas”

And also Gems and Souls:
“Friend’s Ring Soul”
“Flag Soul”
“Pet Soul”
“Gem Essence”
“Relic Drill”
“Gem Drill”

The Fortune Voucher has a lifespan of 2 days 23 hours 59 minutes. Don’t waste the time and spend it during this event!


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